5 mistakes wedding vendors make when submitting content to wedding blogs

Here are 5 mistakes you’re probably making when submitting content to wedding blogs. From what to submit, how to submit it and more, this list will help you get more free features on your favourite wedding blogs and reach even more customers.

1. Not submitting content at all:

Have you even tried submitting content to any wedding blogs yet? If you have, did you follow their guidelines? Every wedding blog will tell you clearly how they want to receive submissions, make sure you’re following this process. If they say don’t DM submissions and you continue to do so, what exactly do you expect to happen⠀

2. No context, story, or slant:

Some vendors just attach a picture or video – no commentary, nothing! Remember, the wedding blog editor was not at this wedding with you so may not get what you’re trying to share – always add at least a paragraph explaining what the content you’re submitting is, what’s happening, where it happened and why you believe the wedding blog would love to share it ⠀

3. Not seeking permission from all parties before sharing:

This is the worst thing you can do to a blog. Sharing content with them when your couple or clients made it clear that they want to be private. When this happens, you may end up in a sort of blacklist because nobody wants to be sued ⠀

4. Submitting copyrighted content:

From the audio (including songs playing in the background) to stock imagery and videos, please make sure you only share content that’s either copyright-free or that you own the copyright for. ⠀

5. Sending too many photos:

When submitting a real wedding feature, limit your submissions to no more than 50 images if possible. Also, choose your 50 images carefully so they give a full view of the entire event. Sending a wedding blog a link with 1000 images is really not the way to go. It puts your submission at the back of the list and also comes with a risk that the blog will choose content that doesn’t really showcase the wedding the way you’ll like it to.

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